Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (2024)

Welcome to our post with a collection of the best pizzelle cookie recipe for lovers and baking enthusiasts of these ever so popular Italian cookies.

Pizzelles are thin, wafer-like cookies embossed with beautiful patterns. It is said that pizzelles originated from Abruzzo, a region in Italy that is also known as one of the best destinations for foodies.

From this region in Italy, pizzelles have gained a lot of popularity, have crossed the world and become a well-loved food sighting especially in the US.

Traditionally, they have been baked for the Christmas season but really, who wants to wait for Christmas to enjoy these delicious treats, am I right?

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Pizzelles are made from common baking ingredients like eggs, sugar, flour, oil and some essence. Authentic Italian pizzelles are flavored with anise but modern pizzelle recipes nowadays work with almost all kinds of flavorings.

What sets pizzelle apart from other cookies is the method of how it is cooked. They say that pizzelles are made with a labor of love because your undivided attention is required when cooking these delicate cookies.

Back in the days, a stove press was used to make pizzelles.

Nowadays, a more convenient way of cooking pizzelles is by using electric powered pizzelle makers. But, it still requires a long sitting to finish pressing a batch to feed the hungry guests.

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Pizzelle cookies are delicate yet beautiful. They make great cookies not just for eating but for sharing as well. They can be cooked and designed in different ways and make a great treat for different occasions.

In our post, we give you the best pizzelle cookie recipes that you can make at home.

Choose your most favorite, enjoy the process of cooking them and treat yourself and the people around you who deserve such little happiness.

Table of Contents

The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe

Pizzelle Della Nonna

Let’s start this list with an authentic pizzelle recipe inspired by the author’s Italian nonna or grandmother. This is a no butter pizzelle recipe and comes with a comprehensive explanation of the ingredients, method, tips, and tricks to cooking variations.

The choice of essence is really up to you, from the classic anise, vanilla, or chocolate. Just try what you and your family like best.

Most importantly, this recipe gives you some secret on how to make your pizzelle crispy and how to store it properly for weeks.

You will surely have an authentic Italian treat with this recipe from ‘SheLovesBiscotti’ that is crafted close from home.

Thin & Crisp Pizzelle

This pizzelle recipe is another authentic take on this amazing Italian cookies. This time instead of vegetable oil, butter is used.

In this recipe here, the author tells the origins as well as an account of how pizzelles were made in the traditional Italian kitchen back in the days.

The author also gives some ideas on how to make different versions of this cookie by substituting other flavors to anise extract.

Most importantly, this recipe takes pride in the thin and crisp pizzelle cookies that come out of this particular mix of ingredients. This recipe makes around 30 cookies.

My Grandma Rose’s Signature Vanilla Pizzelles

This is another original recipe of pizzelle cookies made especially for kids by an Italian grandma of 98 years old.

This one does not require any anise extract, just the butter and vanilla extract.

A high-temperature cooking spray is also used in this recipe.

This recipe makes 60 cookies that can be served right after or stored in airtight containers for later consumption. Get the full recipe over at TheInspiredHome.

Lemon Pizzelles Della Sondra

Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (2)

photo credit: Girl Abroad

Lemons can give a different twist on pizzelle cookies and we found a recipe for you here at GirlAbroad. You will need pure lemon extract as well as finely grated lemon zest for this one.

This recipe offers some tips on what to do before storing the cookies. It says cornstarch can help maintain the crispiness of pizzelles, especially for humid or tropical places.

Mexican Chocolate Pizzelles

Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (3)

photo credit: Girl Abroad

Adding chocolate flavor is another way of cooking this Italian pizzelle cookie differently. In this recipe here, yet again from a GirlAbroad, we found a unique flavoring for pizzelle.

It is not just your typical chocolate-flavored pizzelle but this one is with espresso powder and a Mexican spice mixture.

Please check out our favorite pizzelle cookbook on Amazon. (#affiliate link)

You will need cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne pepper for this spice mixture. For the chocolate mixture, double dutch dark cocoa is used.

So, just go ahead, and try something new.

Chocolate Pizzelles

Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (4)

photo credit: Saving

Thinking of cooking pizzelles to share as a holiday treat for friends and loved ones? We found just the right recipe here for you.

You will get 60 cookies in this recipe with half flavored as natural cocoa and half flavored with dark chocolate.

The cookies are made with a great and beautiful finish done by dipping the cookies in white chocolate with a mix of coconut, crushed peppermint, chocolate chips, chopped pistachios or walnuts.

Your family and friends will surely have the best holiday treat with these beautifully made cookies.

Another Recipe For Chocolate Pizzelles

This is another recipe of chocolate-flavored pizzelle cookies and this time it is shown in a video so it is easier to follow.

You will get 18 to 24 cookies with this recipe.

Here, Laura from LauraInTheKitchen uses a sieve to ensure that the powdered ingredients are equally fine in texture as well as a non-stick spray to prevent cookies from sticking on the cooker.

You can check out the full recipe here.

Maple Matcha Pizzelle

Are you a matcha lover? If so, then this recipe is for you.

What a great and unusual idea to incorporate matcha to make pizzelle cookies.

In this recipe that we found here, matcha powder and honey are used to create a completely new flavor combination.

Find the best pizzelle makers in our review post.

To find the full recipe, simply click on the video above.

This pizzelle recipe makes about 10 pizzelle cookies. For more cookies, just double the recipe

Mock Italian Cannoli with Pizzelle Recipe

Pizzelle cookies are a great substitute for cannoli too and this recipe here tells you how to do it.

You need to roll the pizzelle while it is still warm from the press so it will bend just fine. You may need some gloves or towels so you will not burn your fingers in doing so.

For the filling, you will need some whipped cream, ricotta cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla.

This recipe makes 30-40 cannoli.

Give your cannoli some finishing touches by sprinkling them with chocolate chips and powdered sugar and indulge to your heart’s content.

Orange-Amaretto Pizzelle Cookies

Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (5)

photo credit: GrabAPlate

It seems like pizzelle cookies go well with most flavors even with some liquor. This recipe here requires amaretto liqueur, orange extract, and zest in addition to the basic pizzelle ingredients.

In the end, you will still get thin and crisp pizzelle cookies but will surely taste different in an amazing way.

Pizzelle Waffle Cones

Pizzelle cookies can make a great ice cream cones too and this recipe here shows you how.

In addition to the basic ingredients used for original pizzelle cookies, this recipe calls for whole milk, lemon zest, and almond extract.

Shape some batches of your pizzelle cookies to ice cream cones on some days and bring in your favorite ice cream flavor and serve to your guest.

Don’t expect any leftovers.

Gluten-Free Pizzelles: Thin and Crisp

Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (6)

If you have gluten intolerance or simply want to limit your gluten intake and still enjoy pizzelle cookies, then this recipe at GlutenFreeBaking is not to be missed.

You will need gluten-free baking flour for this one.

The best thing about cooking gluten-free pizzelles is that you don’t have to worry about over-mixing your batter, you will get the same texture on your cookies.

This recipe makes about 30 pizzelles for you to enjoy.

Pizzelle Colorate

Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (7)

photo credit: CiaoItalia

Pizzelle cookies can be very attractive and festive and this recipe at CiaoItalia produces such colorful cookies that will surely standout.

This recipe is made from standard vanilla-flavored batter and is rolled in multi-colored nonpareils before cooking it in the pizzelle press.

This recipe makes around 54 pizzelle cookies.

Red Velvet Pizzelle

Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (8)

photo credit: Kitchen Confidante

In time for Valentine’s month, you may want to try this red velvet recipe posted here.

It is made with chocolate-flavored batter mixed with some beet powder or red coloring.

You will get 24 cookies from this recipe.

These pizzelle cookies can surely move hearts on Valentine’s Day.

Pumpkin Spice Pizzelle Ice Cream Sandwiches

Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (9)

photo credit: ThisMessIsOurs

Pizzelle cookies surely work for all occasions and this pumpkin spice pizzelle recipe we found here is just right for Halloween.

This recipe is made from batter added with dark brown sugar, pumpkin butter, and arrowroot flour.

The cooking method is similar to making traditional pizzelle and once the cookies are completely cooled, you can create a pizzelle sandwich with 2 cookies and ice cream filling.

Freeze the ice cream pizzelle sandwiches and serve them to your excited kids.

Wrapping It Up

Indeed, pizzelles are great-tasting and beautiful cookies worth cooking and sharing with friends and family.

Pizzelles have been enjoyed by many for years and have been part of many childhood memories and household traditions, not only for the holiday season.

We hope our list of the best pizzelle cookie recipes has inspired you to heat up your pizzelle iron and bake up a storm. Which is your favorite recipe and why?

I for once can’t wait to try out the pumpkin spice pizzelle ice cream sandwich. It sounds simply delicious.

Find The Best Pizzelle Cookie Recipe – Our Top 13 Choices - Best Waffle Makers & More (2024)


Is a waffle maker the same as a pizzelle maker? ›

How Is a Pizzelle Made? Pizzelle are made using a batter similar to that of a pancake or waffle and cooked in a pizzelle maker, a type of specialized waffle iron. The iron imprints a design onto the cookies, which can be anything from traditional Italian patterns to more modern designs.

Why are my pizzelles not crunchy? ›

Pizzelles should be crunchy! They're a thin, light, crispy cookie. If your pizelles are soft, it means they have absorbed moisture from the air or they weren't cooked enough.

What is another name for pizzelle cookies? ›

It is known to be one of the oldest cookies and is probably to have developed from the ancient Roman crustulum. Pizzelle are also known as ferratelle or nevole in some parts of Abruzzo, as ferratelle in Lazio, and as ferratelle, cancelle, or pizzelle in Molise.

How do you keep pizzelles from getting soggy? ›

*Tip: Make sure you fully cool your pizzelles and do not cover for several hours as they will get mushy and soft – you want them to stay crispy! That's why I love my metal tin or glass containers – they keep them nice and fresh! I never close the lid too tight – they need to breathe!

Can I use a mini waffle maker to make pizzelles? ›

Unfortunately, you did need special equipment to make pizzelle cookies. They make a variety of waffle irons to choose from including non-stick and light-weight options.

What does pizzelle mean in Italian? ›

A Crispy History

Pizzelles, the oldest known waffle cookies, originated in Italy. The name pizzelle is based on the Italian word 'pizze' meaning round and flat, with the ending 'elle' referring to its small size.

How do I keep my pizzelles from sticking when I use my pizzelle machine? ›

Put a little oil on it, wipe up the excess and heat it up! Helpful?

Should I spray my pizzelle maker? ›

Oil - it could very well be that modern pizzelle makers are so "nonstick" that you do not need to use any cooking spray. Am noting here that when you research recipes, you may encounter a debate about whether or not to use oil or butter. For years our family uses a light spray of cooking oil as needed - it's just fine.

What is the official flavor of Italian pizzelle? ›

Anise. This flavor is known as the 'traditional' flavor of pizzelles. The taste is that of black licorice . . . you either like it or not . . . there's no in between with this flavor.

What is the most popular Italian cookie? ›

Most Popular Italian Cookies
  • Amaretti. These lovely almond-flavoured biscotti were supposedly first made during the Middle Ages. ...
  • Ricciarelli. ...
  • Baci di dama. ...
  • Chocolate-Pistachio Biscotti. ...
  • Savoiardi. ...
  • Canestrelli. ...
  • Biscotti al Cocco. ...
  • Pizzelle.
Oct 22, 2020

What is the Norwegian version of pizzelle? ›

Krumkake is a Norwegian waffle cookie, like an Italian Pizzelle, made with a flat press that is rolled into a cone shape.

Should I grease pizzelle maker? ›

Heat your pizzelle maker, grease it with a little olive oil and add a generous spoon of your batter. Remove the excess batter with a fork (and remember like Nonna to always clean the stove when you finish!).

What is the best way to store homemade pizzelles? ›

Wait until the Pizzelle have cooled completely and then wrap them in aluminum foil or in a cookie tin. They'll keep nice and crisp for weeks! You can also freeze the cookies in batches then just thaw completely before serving.

Can you use butter instead of margarine for pizzelles? ›

As far as the fat used in pizzelle, some recipes will call for oil, others margarine, lard or Crisco. But having tried other fats, I always return to unsalted butter.

What can I use instead of a pizzelle iron? ›

Oven Baked Pizzelles (no pizzelle maker required!)

These oven-baked pizzelles are just as tasty as traditional pizzelles and you only need a cookie press and oven to make them. Serve with our pizzelle recipe and our pizzelle cannolis.

What is similar to a waffle maker? ›

It really burns when a craving for homemade waffles hits and you realize your don't even own a waffle maker. Well, we have the backup plan. Grill them! A grill pan is the best hack of all time and makes some pretty cool looking waffles.

What is a waffle maker called? ›

A waffle iron or waffle maker is a kitchen utensil used to cook waffles between two hinged metal plates. Both plates have gridded indentations to shape the waffle from the batter or dough placed between them. The plates are heated and the iron is closed while the waffle bakes.

What are the disadvantages of a waffle maker? ›

Drawbacks of a waffle maker

When it comes to stovetop waffle makers, the probability of burning some batter onto the iron is high. Secondly, if it does burn, the cleaning part will be a pain, and you'll have to go through multiple rounds of washing and scrubbing to get the burnt batter off.

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