Everything you need to know a Mia Tindall, Prince Louis's cheeky royal pal (2024)

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Mia Tindall won the hearts of legions of royal fans when she held hands with Prince Louis on Christmas Day.

By Emily Ferguson, Royal Editor

Mia Tindall surprised royal watchers on Christmas Day by holding hands with Prince Louis as they walked to church.

Many were quick to ask who she was and how she was related to the third in line to the throne, so here Express.co.uk will take you through everything we know about the youngster.

Mia is celebrating her 10th birthday today and is the oldest child of Zara and Mike Tindall. She was born on January 17, 2014, at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucestershire, England.

The youngster is 22nd in line to the throne, behind her mum, and is followed by her siblings Lena, five, and Lucas, two.

The trio do not have royal titles because of a decision made by their grandmother, Princess Anne. She chose not to give her children Peter and Zara royal titles or HRH status. As a result, their children are not eligible for the titles.

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Everything you need to know a Mia Tindall, Prince Louis's cheeky royal pal (3)

Mia Tindall walks with her parents and her younger sister Lena (Image: Getty)

Anne said she chose not to bestow titles as it meant they would not become working royals and were free from royal obligations. Zara has previously said she felt “lucky” that she didn’t receive royal titles as it gave her and her brother fresh opportunities.

Mia often attends royal events like the Christmas walkabouts and ahead of the 2022 service she was spotted fooling around with Prince George - much to the delight of royal fans.

In 2018 she was a bridesmaid for Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank. But many will remember her from a 2016 portrait released to mark the late Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, where Mia held the monarch’s handbag.

Outside of royal events Mia is often seen cheering on her mum at horse trials and attending the races.

Everything you need to know a Mia Tindall, Prince Louis's cheeky royal pal (4)

Mia Tindall is Mike and Zara Tindall's eldest child (Image: Getty)


    Just days ago the youngster was seen enthusiastically watching the horse racing at Cheltenham on New Year's Day. She was pictured concentrating on the race and jumping for joy when one of the horses finished first.

    Sports are a passion of Mia’s, who has been seen playing football and trampolining, but Zara reveals swimming is favourite activity.

    When discussing their travels to Australia, Zara said: "Mia loves swimming. Of course, the climate allows you to be able to go swimming all day every day. When we first took her to Australia she was 11 months old; we kickstarted her love of water."

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    Everything you need to know a Mia Tindall, Prince Louis's cheeky royal pal (2024)
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