The Untold Truth Of Steven Tyler's Daughter - Mia Tyler (2024)

• Mia Abagale Tallarico is the daughter of famous rock singer Steven Tyler
• She is an actress, model, author, visual artist, social media personality, fashion designer, and music promoter
• She was raised by her mother, who passed away in 2002, and has a half-sister who is an actress
• Mia has appeared in a few movies and TV series, and is also a writer and painter
• She has been in a few relationships, and has a son born in 2017

Known for movies

The Untold Truth Of Steven Tyler's Daughter - Mia Tyler (1)

Rush Hour 3 (2007)
as Marsha

The Untold Truth Of Steven Tyler's Daughter - Mia Tyler (2)

Da Hip Hop Witch (2000)
as Herself

The Untold Truth Of Steven Tyler's Daughter - Mia Tyler (3)

Celebrity Fit Club (2005)
as Herself

Short Info

Date Of BirthDecember 22, 1978
SpouseDavid Buckner
MarkTattoos all over Her Body
FactAunt of half-sister Liv Tyler's son Milo.

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  • 7 Who is Steven Tyler?
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Who is Steven Tyler’s daughter? Mia Tyler Wiki Bio

Mia Abagale Tallarico was born in Alice Peck Day Hospital in Lebanon, New Hampshire USA, on 22 December 1978, so her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and she holds American nationality. Mia is an actress, model, author, visual artist, social media personality, fashion designer, and a music promoter, but probably best known for being the daughter of Steven Tyler, a famous rock singer, and the frontman of the band Aerosmith.

Early life and education

Mia was raised in Lebanon by Steven and his wife Cyrinda Foxe, who is an actress best known for her role in “Andy Warhol’s Bad” shot in 1977; Cyrinda died on 7 September 2002 from an inoperable brain tumor.

Mia has a paternal half-sister named Liv Tyler, who has grown up to become a famous actress, best known for her role in the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy. Her father dedicated Mia a song entitled “Mia” in 1979, which is featured in Aerosmith’s “Night in the Ruts” album. Mia’s parents separated and finalized their divorce in 1987, and her mother moved to live in New York City in 1990, leaving Mia with her father.

Career as an actress and other ventures

Mia was 17 years old when she made her debut TV series appearance, playing VJ in the “House of Style” MTV show.

She was noticed by a modelling scout, who made her a plus size fashion model, and she went on to sign her first modelling contract with Wilhelmina Models. She has been featured in numerous magazines throughout the years, some of which are “Seventeen”, “Moxie Girl”, and “Teen People” among numerous others, while she has posed for brands such as H&M, Lane Bryant, and Pennington’s among many others. She also launched her own Revolution 1228 clothing line in February 2009.

The year 2005 saw her appear in the “Celebrity Fit Club” VH1 reality show, and she was then cast to appear in the “Really Rich Real Estate” VH1 show in 2006.

The Untold Truth Of Steven Tyler's Daughter - Mia Tyler (6)

She was chosen to be one of the judges in the “Pretty Wicked” reality show in March 2009, which aired on the Oxygen Network. She also appeared in a single episode of the 13th season of the “Hell’s Kitchen” reality TV show.

Mia has appeared in only a couple of movies and TV series, some of which are “Rush Hour 3” in 2007, “People Are Dead”, and “A Little Bit of Lipstick”. She is a writer, and released her “Creating Myself” autobiography in 2008. Mia is also a painter, and has held her art show exhibition at several galleries in 2012, featuring her X-rated adult-themed paintings.

Love life and relationships

In 1999 Mia met Dave Buckner, drummer of the ex-Papa Roach band, and the two began dating shortly after being introduced. The two dated for three years before marrying in 2002, however, after only three years of marriage, they divorced in 2005 due to what appears to be infidelity on Dave’s side. Around a year later she started dating Brian Harrah, a guitarist, and the two dated for two years before Brian asked Mia to marry him, but they split before the wedding took place. Mia then spent around five years officially single, before she started dating Dan Halen. She gave birth to their son, Axton Joseph on 10 May 2017.

Hobbies and other interests

Mia is a fan of all kinds of art, including painting, photography, and literature. She is very passionate about music, as she spent a lot of her time while growing up with her father and his friends from his band, which is why most of her relationships have been with musicians. She likes watching movies and TV series in her spare time, and her favorite actor and actress are Jack Nicholson and Emma Watson, while some of her favorite movies include “Harvey”, “12 Angry Men”, and “The Shinning” while her favorite TV series is “Lost”. Mia is a big lover of animals, and has a pet dog which is often featured in the pictures she uploads onto her Instagram account.

he enjoys spending her free time with her son and her boyfriend, and since her failed marriage and relationships, has become somewhat against marriage, which is why she has decided not to exchange vows with the father of her son.

Appearance and net worth

Mia is 41 years old. She has long brown hair which she dyes black, and brown eyes. She’s 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall, and weighs around 165lbs (75kgs). She is a huge fan of tattoos and has numerous inked onto her skin, including on her throat, face, hands, and chest among other places. Her net worth is estimated at over $1 million, as of early 2020.

Who is Steven Tyler?

Steven Victor Tallarico was born in Manhattan, New York City USA, on 26 March 1948, so his zodiac sign is Aries, and he holds American nationality.


— Steven Tyler (@IamStevenT) August 27, 2019

He is a singer, songwriter, actor, and a former TV personality, but best known for being the lead singer of Aerosmith. Steven was raised in The Bronx as his family moved there when he was three years old, but moved once again this time to Yonkers, when he was nine. His parents are Susan Ray who was a secretary and who died on 4 July 2008, and Victor A. Tallarico who was a classical musician who died on 10 September 2011. Steven has an older sister named Lynda.

He attended Roosevelt High School in Yonkers, but was expelled for drug use, after which he enrolled at and matriculated from Quintano’s school for Young Professionals. He grew up listening to The Rolling Stones, and being a fan of Mick Jagger.

He attended a local rock show in Sunapee, New Hampshire where he met his future friends and members of his band Aerosmith, named Joe Perry (guitar) and Tom Hamilton (bass). It was in 1970 that Steven asked them to form Aerosmith together, while he wrote their biggest hit “Dream On” two years before the band was launched. Their sound resembled The Rolling Stones, and their first self-titled album was released in 1973, followed by the “Get Your Wings” album in 1974. They became popular only after their next two albums “Toys in the Attic” and “Rocks” were released in 1975 and 1976.

The band had a rough period from 1979 to 1983, when Steven had a motorcycle accident and when most of the band members were having drug problems, which lasted until 1984 when they decided to get clean and focus more on their music. The band has been performing to this day, and are acknowledged as one of the best rock bands of all times.

Steven is a fan of motorcycles, and is the owner of Dirico Motorcycles which are designed by him, engineered by Mark Dirico, and built by AC Custom Motorcycles.

General Info

Full NameMia Tyler
Date Of BirthDecember 22, 1978
ProfessionPublic speaker, Plus-size model, Actor, Advocate
EducationProfessional Children's School


SpouseDavid Buckner
ParentsSteven Tyler, Cyrinda Foxe
SiblingsLiv Tyler, Chelsea Anna Tallarico, Taj Monroe Tallarico


MoviesRush Hour 3, People Are Dead
TV ShowsPretty Wicked, Celebrity Fit Club, Mo'Nique's Fat Chance

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Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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