Random pics and a recipe - The Sunny Side Up Blog (2024)

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Food and Cooking...or lack thereof


Random pics and a recipe

Not much time to post tonight – I’ve been watching Modern Family and The Good Wife (two of my favorites) while attempting to organize my pics in i photo. So far this new Mac and I have developed quite a love/hate relationship. Love all that this computer is capable of, hate that I can’t figure out all that this computer is capable of. There is a definite learning curve coming from a PC! Anyway – just wanted to share a couple of pics from our Utah trip and a quick and easy dinner.

Random pics and a recipe - The Sunny Side Up Blog (2)

Random pics and a recipe - The Sunny Side Up Blog (3)

My little man taking a bath in my mom’s kitchen sink.

Random pics and a recipe - The Sunny Side Up Blog (4)

Lunch with my BFF’s from High School. Our annual get together after Christmas with whoever is in town. Love these girls!

Random pics and a recipe - The Sunny Side Up Blog (5)

And a really AWFUL picture of some chicken. I can photograph food about as well as I can cook it. But don’t let my crappy picture stop you from making this meal. It’s so tasty and fast and easy. Cook and chop up some chicken –

Random pics and a recipe - The Sunny Side Up Blog (6)

then add some Cashews and a bottle of General Tso’s Sauce and Glaze. You can find it in the grocery store with all of the marinades.

Random pics and a recipe - The Sunny Side Up Blog (7)

Stir it all together and you have really yummy Cashew Chicken (that looks a lot better live than in this picture). I usually cook some rice and broccoli with it and the meal looks and tastes like you spent a lot of time! My friend told me about this Tso’s sauce a few years ago and it’s now a family favorite. Sure it’s only competing with about four other recipes, but still….it’s a keeper. :)

Hope you all have a lovely three day weekend!

xoxo, Erin

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  1. Hi Erin – the cashew chicken sounds delicious!! Thanks for the recipe!!


  2. This looks good! All my kids love Asian food–so much so that we have a tradition now of going to Chinese restaurants on their birthdays–but I don’t attempt to make it at home. We’ll have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. My word verification is “swilific”. That is so funny! It’s like swell + terrific, or something. It think that will be my new word when I’m excited. For instance, “What a SWILIFIC recipe!”


  3. Love simple and tastes good–thanks for sharing it!!


  4. Im in a cooking rut… which means I want to drive thru Taco Bell for the $2 meal 5 days a week as opposed to the usual 3 days a week. Thanks for the recipe. My kids will love this.


  5. I love how you have such a close group of friends…


  6. Recipe sounds good. A question from another cooking-impaired…

    Did you cook the chicken in the oven first and then chop it up, then move it to a skillet to add the sauce and cashews? How long do you cook for initially – before adding the other stuff?


  7. Your chicken recipe sounds yummy! I am all about fast and easy. I’ll have to look for that sauce next time I go grocery shopping.


  8. LOVE those pics of Kole enjoying his bath in the sink! SO cute! And way to go on the cooking!!!


  9. Hi Jen!

    I love your question – it’s totally something I would ask! I just put a little olive oil in the frying pan (pictured) and then cook the chicken in that. When it’s about half way cooked, I cut the chicken up (Kenny teases me about how bad I’ve ruined our pan doing this but I really could care less) and then let it cook until it’s done and then just add the cashews and sauce right into the pan. So easy!


  10. Hi Erin,

    You are a daily on my list of clogs to check up on :) That looks like a great recipe, I am going to try it on my fam…so I thought I would give you one back, seriously easy! Ok Ready…..Chicken breasts (cut up or whole, I prefer whole), a can of co*ke and a cup of ketchup, does not sound appealing I know but its delicious. Put it all in a skillet on the stove at between med and high heat and simmer until the sauce thickens…usually about 30 mins ish Serve with Rice and veggies…easy and yummy!!


  11. That sounds really good. I’ll have to look for some of that sauce.
    Bathing babes in the sink… oh the memories!


  12. I think I will be trying this very soon. Just made an old fav of ours–Seasame Chicken!


  13. Oh Erin! So you went with the picture of me on the end! Well please send me the one taken from the other side so I can use that one! haha!
    Kole is so adorable – love kitchen sink baths!


  14. Bonnie, I love that picture of you! You are still as totally gorgeous as ever.


  15. What cute girls! How fun that you all get together every year. Wish I could be there to join the party. You are darling and your family is darling and I love seeing what you are up too – which is quite a lot by the way!


  16. i’ve been using a mac for over 15 years and still don’t know everything it’s capable of! don’t let it stress you out.

    your cashew chicken sounds fantastic. i love easy recipes…. thanks for sharing.


  17. I love The Good Wife!


  18. And this, my friend, is why you and I must take a field trip to Trader Joes…hello a bazillion good sauces for quick dinner ideas. And…really…just cut the chicken in chunks before cooking…save your pan. I know, I know you don’t want to touch it…use gloves. You can also do your veggies in the same sauce (and pan) less dishes. When the chicken is cooked (and cut) put it in a separate bowl, plate, tin foil..whatev and then add lots of veggies..anything you have and when they are crisp/tender then toss your chicken back in…mmm and disguise it now as STIR FRY—recipe #5. You are on a roll:)


  19. I have kitchen scissors that I use to cut chicken. Same as how you do it, but hold it with tongs and cut it up, then all you have to do is throw the scissors (open) in the dishwasher and you never have to touch it!!!


  20. That looks delicious–have to try it!


  21. Hi Erin, Hello from Down Under! Love your blog! Your family is gorgeous!


  22. Isn’t Modern Family THE BEST? I laugh so hard every time. I am still laughing about Phil’s comment about calling up his florist to order balloons for CLaire! I die laughing.

    Adorable sink pics of Kole. :)


  23. Can’t WAIT to try that recipe. My hubby LOVES General Tso’s chicken, so I bet he’ll love this. I know you don’t like to cook or think you’re a good cook, but the recipe ideas you give are really great – especially for busy moms! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share more of your recipes. Oh, and Kole is the cutest little thing ever. LOVE giving babies “sink baths”! My little guy is 15 months and waaaaay too big for the sink. I can’t believe how time flies.

    Shannon in PA


  24. Thanks for sharing the recipe. The hubby is out of town a couple nights this week, I’ll test it out while he’s gone!

    And I simply LOVE the bath in the sink! Those are the best times.


  25. I just stumbled on your blog and it’s really wonderful. Thanks for sharing the yummy recipe. New Follower!


  26. Omg, that chicken looks sooo good! And your son in the sink. So cute!


  27. Ok, Erin-I am 100% still using my old PC!!!!!!! I don’t have any relationship at all with the newbie! I just can’t deal with it yet! Soo funny! I really need to go take those classes….

    We need to catch up but I am assuming nothin is new! :)


  28. p.s. I am so happy that you are still a General lover! I honestly don’t think I have made that recipe for 5 years-seriously! It is soo yummy, i need to make it soon!


  29. Just read your response….and all the other ones with tips on not touching the chicken, and modified recipes. Great ideas!

    Here’s another:

    Cook the chicken, add cooked egg noodles, snow peas, and some Annie Chun Chinese Stir Fry sauce and you have chicken chow mein!


  30. Hi Erin-I’ve been reading your blog for a while and now I am a new blogger! So excited to be in this world. Anyway, just wanted to say that the recipe was great. Everyone, including my kids, ate it up. I didn’t get to make it the night that I wanted because when I got home my can of cashews had been opened and eaten out of! Gross. My husband took them back for me and the lady at the store said to always check the nuts. Apparently, it happens all of the time!


  31. I will try this for sure! And my cooking photos always turn out AWFUL…I think it’s the light in my kitchen. Yours aren’t bad at all.


  32. your little ones are so cute! love those pictures of Kole! He is adorable! Such a cute smile :D


  33. I love that marinade -it is the best one and I’ve tried them all! The bad news is that my local Smith’s grocery store and our Vons has stopped selling it! Maybe I’ll have to stock up next time I’m in San Diego! :)


  34. Kole is such a cutie! And I tried your recipe! Very good — Keep them coming. Quick & easy!


  35. Hi Erin…I’m Erin too. I also have a daughter Addison and another baby on the way. I’ve been reading for a while now and just love your family…darling!! I share your passion for organization and the Container Store…too bad I live in Oklahoma because we could really do some damage shopping together:)

    I just wanted to tell you that I have a super picky husband! I made your cashew chicken last night and i swear he told me 60 times that he LOVED the dish and begged me to make it at least once a week! Thanks for posting.

    Your family is beautiful!


  36. I tried your recipe with something similar in South Africa and ……… it was DELICIOUS!

    We both loved it and thank goodness there is enough for a second helping each :)


  37. I made this, threw in some broccoli and scallions for color and served over shredded cabbage instead of rice (I am a porker and trying to avoid rice) and it was really good. thanks for the easy, great recipe.


  38. How much chicken did you use for this recipe? It sounds so good! We are having a progressive dinner and I am doing the dinner portion. I think this is it!
    Thank you!


  39. I forgot to include my email so I can get your response…..thanks again.


  40. Hi Georgia!

    I used 5-6 chicken breasts. (That feeds my family of 5) Hope that helps! :)


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Random pics and a recipe - The Sunny Side Up Blog (2024)
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