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• Mia Talerico is an actress best known for her role in Disney's show Good Luck Charlie
• She has a net worth of over $2 million
• She was 11 months old when she was cast for the show
• Good Luck Charlie received positive reviews and won numerous awards
• Mia is the first child of her family and enjoys skiing, Sleeping Beauty and the color pink

Known for movies

Mia Talerico (aka Charlie Duncan on ‘Good Luck Charlie’) Wiki Bio, family - Biography Tribune (1)

Good Luck Charlie (2010-2014)
as Charlie Duncan

Mia Talerico (aka Charlie Duncan on ‘Good Luck Charlie’) Wiki Bio, family - Biography Tribune (2)

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! (2011)
as Charlie Duncan

Mia Talerico (aka Charlie Duncan on ‘Good Luck Charlie’) Wiki Bio, family - Biography Tribune (3)

Shadow Theory (2015)
as Kathryn

Short Info

Net Worth$2 million
Date Of BirthSeptember 17, 2008
FactDenver, Colorado [January 2012]


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Who is Mia Talerico?

Mia Talerico was born on 17 September 2008, in Santa Barbara, California, USA, and is an actress, perhaps surprisingly still best known for starring in the Disney show “Good Luck Charlie” when she was just 11 months old. She later became a part of “Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas”, and “Mani”.

The Wealth of Mia Talerico

How rich is Mia Talerico? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is already over $2 million, earned through a successful career in the acting industry. While she appeared for the entire run of the Disney show, time will tell if she will continue to pursue acting projects as she grows up, but ff she does, then it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Good Luck Charlie

Mia was only 11 months old when series creators Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen envisioned a show which would eventually be called “Good Luck Charlie”. They wanted a program that would appeal to entire families and not just children. They wanted to show a family as they adjust to the birth of their fourth and fifth child.

They had a challenge in looking for the child, as they initially wanted to cast identical twins for the role. This was so that they could bypass the risk of violating child labor laws and that they would always have one child present so filming could continue. However, they couldn’t find twins, and instead it was Mia who caught their attention. They found her charming and decided that she would be cast as the titular character of the show, which would eventually run from 2010 to 2014 and a total of 97 episodes.

Mia Talerico (aka Charlie Duncan on ‘Good Luck Charlie’) Wiki Bio, family - Biography Tribune (4)

Success of Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie” received a lot of positive reviews, and the show runners sticking to their strength was effective, despite the use of typical sitcom characters, and was noted for being appealing to both kids and adults. It became the highest rated series premiere for a Disney Channel original Series since “The Suite Life on Deck”, and subsequently won numerous awards including a Young Artist Award, Kids Choice Awards, and British Academy Children’s Awards. The show was broadcast worldwide, and an Indian adaptation of the show was also made, entitled “Best of Luck Nikki”.

The show operated on a weekly schedule and was taped at the Los Angeles Center Studios, usually with a live audience except for big scenes that were too hard to handle with an audience. They carefully crafted the central family for broad appeal, not wanting to portray a rich family due to a troubled economy, instead opting for a middle class one. Talerico’s character is generally portrayed as being happy though can be mischievous at times. Most of their adventures revolve around her, and the show slowly showcases the development of her personality.

Who wants the Duncan Family back? @netflix how about more Good Luck Charlie? Spread the word pic.twitter.com/m1pxk03qLq

— Mia Talerico (@miatalerico101) January 24, 2017

Recent Projects

Being on the show led Mia to be cast in the Christmas film based on the series, entitled “Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas!” also known as “Good Luck Charlie: The Road Trip Movie”. The film follows the Duncan family as they take a road trip to Amy Duncan’s parents’ house for Christmas, and was the first Disney Channel Christmas movie for a decade, the last being “’Twas the Night”, and became the top live action cable movie of 2011, aired worldwide.

Aside from this film, Mia has also appeared in “Shadow Theory” and the comedy television series “Jessie”, which also aired on the Disney Channel. One of her recent projects is the Brat series “Mani” which she joined in 2018 for the show’s second season.

While she has gained a lot of success through acting, she has also had her share of troubles. It was reported that she’s received a lot of death threats and harassing messages from an anonymous source, often sent to her Instagram account which was handled by her mother. The threats reached a point where the family had to call the police, and the threats soon stopped.

Personal Life

For her personal life, obviously Talerico is single and too young to pursue any romantic endeavors. A lot of fans associate her real life family with her television family, as she is seen growing up with cast members of “Good Luck Charlie”. According to reports, she is the first child of her real family. Both of her parents are active in the entertainment industry as producers and directors which is one of the reasons why she gained enough exposure to warrant an audition for her eventual starring role. She has a younger sibling, a sister who was born in 2012.

She mentions that she enjoys working with Disney, and that her favorite Disney cartoon is “Sleeping Beauty”. She also likes the color pink and owns a pet guinea pig. One of the things she does during her free time is ski, taught how to by her family. She is active online through an account on the major social media website Instagram which is managed by her mother, though features her in a lot of personal photos as well as photos of her while working behind the scenes. She also has a few videos and throwback pictures.

General Info

Full NameMia Talerico
Net Worth$2 million
Salary$2 million
Date Of BirthSeptember 17, 2008
ProfessionChild actor


ParentsClaire Talerico, Chris Talerico


NominationsKids' Choice Award for Favorite TV Show, Kids' Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program, Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actress: Comedy, GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Individual Episode (in a series without a regular LGBT character), Teen Cho...
MoviesShadow Theory, Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas!
TV ShowsGood Luck Charlie

Social profile links


1Sharon, MA [March 2012]
2Denver, Colorado [January 2012]
3Santa Barbara, California [November 2011]
4Mia was eleven months old when she started filming Good Luck Charlie.




Photographic Memory2017ShortLarissa McAdams
Shadow Theory2015ShortKathryn
Good Luck Charlie2010-2014TV SeriesCharlie Duncan
Jessie2013TV SeriesCharlie Duncan
Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!2011TV MovieCharlie Duncan


JoJo's Juice2016TV SeriesHerself
Radio Disney Music Awards2014TV MovieHerself
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 20142014TV SpecialHerself
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 20132013TV SpecialHerself
So Random!2011TV SeriesHerself

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

Mia Talerico (aka Charlie Duncan on ‘Good Luck Charlie’) Wiki Bio, family - Biography Tribune (2024)
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