Americans reveal who is the best Democrat to take on Trump (2024)

  • Two new post-debate polls show Trump leading Biden in 2024 matchup
  • READ MORE: What Democrats floated as Biden replacements are saying

By Sarah Ewall-Wice, Senior U.S. Political Reporter for in Washington, DC

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The first polls out of the general electionmatchup since the presidential debate between Trump and Biden show the ex-president ahead amid calls from some Democrats for Biden to step aside.

A CNN poll released on Tuesday shows Trump polling ahead of Biden by six points 49 percent to 43 percent, but the results are identical to polling of the presidential race among registered voters conducted in April.

At the same time, a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll released on Tuesday found Trump slightly ahead of Biden 41 percent to 38 percent.

The ex-president gained a small edge over Biden since the previous survey in May showed Trump and Biden neck-and-neck at 37 percent each.

Two polls conducted post-debate show Trump leading Biden in head-to-head matchups but the debate does not appear to have moved the needle that much from previous polling

The latest polling comes as some Democrats have called on Biden to drop out following his stumbling debate performance.

The CNN poll looked at which other Democrats could take on Trump. It found the presumptive Republican presidential nominee currently leads the entire Democratic field of names floated, but Vice President Kamala Harris appeared to be in striking distance.

In a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, Trump polled at 47 percent while Harris polled at 45 percent.

Harris' numbers were slightly stronger than other names that have come up.

In a hypothetical race between Trump and California Governor Gavin Newsom, Trump polled at 48 percent to Newsom's 43 percent.

Against Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Trump polled 47 percent to his 43 percent.

And in a hypothetical matchup between Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Trump, the ex-president polled at 47 percent to Whitmer's 42 percent.

CNN polling of hypothetical matchups showed Trump leading multiple Democrats whose names have been floated as potential Biden replacements

President Biden has rejected dropping out of the race amid the fallout over his debate performance on June 27. He has insisted he can still beat Trump come November and would not be running if he thought otherwise. has learned some major Democratic donors were seeing how the post-debate polls would shake out before weighing in.

But on Tuesday afternoon, multiple major donors told that Democrats need to push forward with Biden, praising his leadership in his first term and experience.

One donor telling 'the hand wringing is pretty much done.'

But the majority of Democrats now believe the party has a better chance of winning the presidency with someone other than Biden at the top of the ticket, the CNN poll found.

56 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning registered voters said someone other than Biden has a better shot. That's up slightly from January when 53 percent believed the party would have a better shot with someone other than Biden.

Meanwhile, Republicans are gaining confidence about their chances of winning the presidency. 83 percent now say they have a better chance with Trump compared to 72 percent who said so in January.

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The USA Today poll also found 41 percent of Democrats said they wanted Biden replaced at the top of the ticket.

One of the starkest differences between those supporting Trump and those supporting Biden is Trump voters are more likely to be voting for their nominee while Biden voters are more likely to say they're voting against Trump.

The CNN polling found 66 percent of Trump voters said they were voting mainly for him rather than against Biden. Only 37 percent of Biden supporters said they were voting for the president rather than against Trump.

The USA Today poll also found 59 percent of Trump voters were 'very excited' about voting for their candidate. Only 29 percent of Biden voters said the same.

The CNN poll also found 31 percent of registered voters said they could change their minds between now and Election Day or do not support a specific candidate, leaving plenty of room for both Trump and Biden to engage.

In the USA Today poll, 17 percent said they might change their minds, but for many it would mean different nominees.


Americans reveal who is the best Democrat to take on Trump (2024)
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